step by step diy paper flowers tutorial

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diy paper flowers

hi everyone today I’m going to show you how to make these giant paper flowers the template I’ve provided in the link below will make a medium-sized flower which is about 12 inches in diameter you can use these to decorate your room or maybe for a party and you want to make a full wall of flowers you could use as a backdrop at an event for supplies you’ll need nine sheets of u.s. letter paper which is eight and a half by eleven which is the regular coffee size paper for this I used sixty pound weight cardstock but you can use any type of paper that you want I find that it’s better to use a heavier paper you’ll also need some scissors and a glue gun first take your paper

fold it in half and cut it then you should end up with 18 – you’ll use six and a half sheets for the largest petal six half sheets for is a medium size petal three have sheets or in small petal and three half sheets for the center of the flower starting with the largest petal template

take this sheet package them on top of each others trace the template and connect the petal out you should end up with six large petals you you the petal cut a slit about two inches in it should create two flats you’re going to do one flap on top of the others so that they overlap the reason you are going to do this is so that the petal sits at an angle so the outer petals you don’t want it to angle as much so you don’t over put over that the flaps too much but as you move towards the center the petal should stand up straighter so you’ll want to overlap the flaps more so the parents friends take all your petal and with the widest part at the bottom roll the petal away from you to create a curl you can use a pencil to do this but I like to just use my hands use your glue gun add a little glue to one flat and do the other flap on top of it remember for your outer petals you

don’t want to overlap them too much do this to all six of the large petals now begin to glue all of your petals together to form a bowl just put you on 1/5 of a petal and attach the next petal on top and just go all the way around [Music] once you’re done with the first outer layer of the petals you can set it aside and start working on the medium-sized petals take six more half sheets and repeat the same steps with the medium petal template now that you have two layers add some shoe at the bottom of a medium template bowl and attach it into the large outer for the smallest petal template take three of your half sheets fold it in half and cut it in half again repeat all the steps that you did for the large and medium template add some glue to the bottom of the smallest petal layer and attach inside the medium layer to make the center of the flowers take the last three sheets of half sheets fold it in half and cut a fringe making sure to cut from the side that’s folded be sure not to cut all the way through leave about half an inch length separate the three sheets and then you’re gonna start rolling the center up add a little bit of glue on the way so that it stays you once you’re done rolling up all three sheep you can use your hands to fluff up the center using a scrap piece of paper cut out a square or rectangular circle whatever you want flip the flower over and glue it to the bottom of your flower to act as a base [Applause] now you can add some glue to the bottom of your flower center and attach the center and now you’re done I hope you like this tutorial can subscribe to my channel I’m trying to look out for my next tutorials


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